Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekday Dinner Shortcuts

So today was the most hectic day and I did not get home until nearly 6:30 pm. The whole drive home I kept thinking what will I make today that can be quick.  In the morning I had taken out ground beef so I knew I had to make something with ground beef. I thought hmmm....picadillo with rice - nah we already had rice twice this week, kibbeh (patties yucatan style) - nah  I didn't pickle the onions and don't have all I need to make them.  So my little guy says can we have taquitos? Ding ding ding - yes, that's it let's make taquitos. No mom, let's go to taco bell. What?!?! No way! We are making them - better yet, I'm making tostadas!

So off we went to the Mexican grocery store to buy refried beans (yup in the can - shortcut #1), ready made tostadas (shortcut #2), sour cream, and two roma tomatoes.

I quickly threw the ground beef into the pan with a bit of oil. Now if you buy fatty meat and you use a non-stick pan you won't need the oil. I added some garlic powder, salt, pepper, smoked paprika, cumin, and some chili powder. Once the meat started browning I diced up the tomatoes and an onion and threw that in with some more of the spices sprinkled on top and mixed it all up. This will cook quickly.

Meanwhile, I heated the beans according to the directions: place the can in a pot of boiling water and let it sit in the water bath for at least ten minutes - the longer the better. 

Finally, you are ready to assemble. Grab a tostada, put a layer of beans, a layer of meat, and a dollop of sour cream - viola, dinner is served! If you want tacos instead - well use tortillas :)

Sour Cream and Tostadas
Spices you will need (or use whatever you have on hand)

Ground beef cooking w/ tomatoes, spices, and onion
Canned black refried beans (feel free to substitute the kind you like)

Finished product

My little guy still wanted taquitos - so I made them w/ the little tortilla

Folded them over and he was happy - he ate four!

Happy Thursday! What did you create today?

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